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As a mother of two (now grown-ups) I realize how precious & fleeting these times are and how important it is not only to enjoy them now but what a treasure it is to be able to capture these moments so you can look back on them forever. My focus is on capturing timeless, high quality images that you can cherish for a lifetime. I prefer “baby led” posing (e.g. arms outstretched mid-yawn or snuggling in mom’s arms) as opposed to photography with a lot of props.

Newborn sessions take place when your baby is between 5 days and 10 days old.  But it depends on how you feel.  Babies under 10 days old are the most sleepy, can be easily contented and we will able to move through the session with ease as they just eat and sleep! Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home so you can be relaxed and don’t have to travel and I bring everything I need with me. Photoshoots are generally about 2 to 3 hours but there is no strict timeline.

Session Fee

Newborn Session – up to 3 hours (Includes Siblings & Family) :                            chf 325.-

From Belly to Baby , maternity/ newborn Package :                                            chf 600.-

The Session fee is a creative fee that secures your session date and covers artist’s time/talent. It provides you with a 1 hour photo session (up to 3 hours for newborn) .

At booking a deposit of half your fee is due. The remaining half is due at your session.

Session fee does not include any prints and or digital files / packages. Please scroll down to see a few ideas.

Personalized 20 page photo album with your selection of 25 images                       chf   75.-

30x40cm canvas print                                                                                                chf 100.-

Beautifully handcrafted linen box containing 10 framed 13x19cm
and a usb stick with 10 high resolution files                                                               chf 150.-

Interested in learning more about newborn sessions?

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Thursday, 21 January 2016